Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks to all my supporters

As I thought about the last year at Thanksgiving and what I had to be thankful for, I realized that I had not publicly thanked all the people that voted for me.

Thank You...I Thank each and everyone one of you.  And I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a very good 2013.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What If?

It appears the absentee ballots have now been counted...I still finished third, but I had closed the gap between  2nd and 3rd to just 34 votes.

Council Member (Otsego) (Elect 2)
100.0% reporting

Vote % Votes

Douglas B. Schroeder 23.1% 1,926

Jason Warehime 20.5% 1,709

Patrick Brink 20.1% 1,675

Adam Mitlyng 17.9% 1,493

Mitchel Faust 17.4% 1,448

Write-In 1.0% 80

I wonder how I would have fared if 3/(60%) of my campaign signs had not been taken or stolen. Just last night when I was out picking up my signs I found that four more of my signs had been taken just since Sunday night.

I'm not sure who took the signs, and I am most assuredly NOT blaming any other candidate, but I do wonder why so many of my signs were targeted and taken.  

Maybe I could have made up that 34 vote difference had I not needed to keep replacing my signs.  Well, it's water under the bridge now, but I do have to wonder ....what if?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Close But No Cigar!

The Head Election Judge just texted me the vote totals, while the results are the same, the numbers are different from the Secretary of State's Website:

Doug      1,790 23.05% 
Jason     1,627 20.95%
Pat         1,565 20.05%

Adam     1,419 18.27%

Mitch     1,364 17.56%

Congratulations Doug and Jason!

"Early" Voting Results

The following graph is from the Minnesota Secretary of State's Website 2 of  3 precincts reporting:

Nonpartisan    JASON WAREHIME 160 16.74%
Nonpartisan    MITCHEL FAUST 158 16.53%
Nonpartisan    DOUGLAS B. SCHROEDER 266 27.82%
Nonpartisan    ADAM MITLYNG 142 14.85%
Nonpartisan    PATRICK BRINK 216 22.59%

It's Gonna be a LATE Night

I talked with the Otsego City Clerk this afternoon (she is also the Head Election Judge)  and she told me that it could be 1 am before she will be able to provide results -- and even then she will only have results from today's voting, not absentee voters.

The absentee ballots for Otsego are counted by Wright County election officials and the county seat is in Buffalo.

I'm not really sure why the results from today's voting, which was all computerized, will be that late.  But, I'll  be waiting and as soon as I have the results I will post them here on my blog.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day is Here

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Election Day....

Here it is, your chance to finally head to the polls and vote for the candidates of your choice.

Hopefully, you've reviewed the information I've posted here on my blog as well as the Election Guides published by the Elk River Star News (Click Here) and the Star Tribune (Click Here). One interesting note about the Star Tribune's Voter's Guide, I was the only candidate to take the time to complete the Star Tribune questionnaire.

In addition I was also the candidate who actually worked to have a Candidate's Forum here in Otsego. Unfortunately my opponents made the decision that they did not want to participate - so there was no Candidate's Forum..

Over the last few months I've been consistent in making my positions clear to all.  I've wanted people to know why I'm running for a seat on the Otsego Council. I want you to know what areas I believe need to be improved or changed at City Hall.

It's all over now except for the actual voting and the vote counting. 

Hopefully on Tuesday when you head to either the old City Hall or Otsego Elementary to vote, Pat Brink will be your candidate of choice for a seat on the Otsego City Council.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daughters and Dad Distribute Door Hangers

It's good to have kids!  That's always true, but it's even more true when you need help distributing door hangers to homes in the city.

That's what my daughters, Alissa and Brianne, did with me this afternoon. In all, the three of us were able to distribute nearly 750 of the door hangers!  Not bad for a few hours work.

We also had the chance to talk with a number of people who we  happened to run across as we walked from door to door. Their attitude was unanimous - they are ready for the election to be OVER! 

But beyond that sentiment, the people were very nice and liked the positions I've taken on how the city could improve.

The three points highlighted on the piece are:

  * Improve communications between city and its residents and  

   * Enhance business development efforts

  * Increase awareness of Otsego throughout metro area and

This Tuesday, November 6 be sure to vote!  I'd like it if you voted for me, but even if you don't, still get out and vote!.